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Aoi Surf College is located only 1 hour drive from Narita International Airport. Please enjoy your stay in Japan at the closest beach from Narita International Airport!



 Paddle Fitness Lesson


New Style of fitness using Standup Paddle


IMG_2826Paddle fitness provides a good workout environment because it takes place at river or lake with unstable condition.

It will make you strengthen the balance and operate on each muscle by using various paddle strokes.


An exercise using a standup paddle is famous and performed especially in Hawaii and mainland of USA but it isn’t seemed so much yet in Japan.


This Paddle Fitness lesson at AOI SURF COLLEGE called Paddle Yoga which Aoi Koike design exercise using a stand up paddle.


Continued breathing in and out slowly while using the whole body.

This breathing method that is same as Yoga leads to the total stamina for surfing, bodyboarding and other various situations.

Standing up Paddle Lesson Rates

TUE, THUR, FRI, SAT, SUN and HOLIDAY/9:30~11:30/ 13:00~15:00


※Every Lesson is 2 hours and lesson rate includes insurance and facility use fee.

Stand up Paddle Rentals Rates

SUP Package (wetsuit, paddles, leash and life jacket) 1 day \3,000 (included tax)


Good workout for women! Yoga on board!


IMG_3695Because Paddle Fitness will take place on the paddleboard in the water, your body will continue keep balance.

And you can build moderate muscle strength and clean posture like a trunk.

This Paddle Fitness is a perfect exercise for both beauty and health.

You can obtain relaxation effects and detox effects like you will obtain by Yoga or Pilates.

Simply we think taking this exercise while enjoying yourself is the key to build your healthy body.

Aoi Koike and our instructors will escort you step by step.

Instructor Profiles

Aoi Koike



Aoi Koike started SUP in 2012, and she won 4th place at SUP Women’s wave class, Nalu surf meet 2012.

Also she won 5th place at SUP Women’s wave class, 1st Japan SUP Championship, 2012. Following year, she earned 3rd place at 2nd Japan SUP Championship.

She became a semi-finalist at MaboRoyal Kjcup Longboard tournament in 2014.

Location & Directions

*Car Please come to the following address below.

*Train Please get off at JR Sotobou Line, Kazusa Ichinomiya station.

*If you wish to pick up from the station, please contact us in advance.

Address: 7427-2 Torami Ichinomiya-cho Chosei-gun, Chiba, Japan 299-4303


Book Now


Please make your reservation by phone or email (reservation form) 1 day prior to your desired lesson date.




Lesson Schedule


【9:00 AM Meeting at DO International store. 】
・Please put your wetsuits and bring your paddleboard.
If you sign up for rentals, please let the staff know.


【To the Beach!】
・We head to the surfing point from the DO International store.
Please note that, we may head to another surfing point due to the wave condition.


【Preparation for Fun】
・Once we arrive at the beach, we all stretch and instructors will demonstrate you image training.


【Lesson Begins!】
・Lesson levels are mainly divided into beginner, turning, spinning, reverse spinning and erulolo.
Please note that instructor for beginner level may not professional bodyboarder instructors. Thank you for your understanding.
Please follow the instructions and please take your moment to enter the beach without hurry.

【11:00 AM】Lesson finishes

Please Read Carefully for More Details


*Please submit the reservation form prior to your desired date.
*Lesson will be cancelled based on the weather condition. If the lesson will be cancelled, we will contact you the evening of the day before your lesson date.
*Please note that, we may head to another surfing point due to the wave condition.
*As a courtesy for out scheduled instructors, please contact us in advance to cancel your lesson. There will be no refunds given. If you sign up for trial lesson, please let us know about rentals (bodyboard, fins and wetsuits) prior to your lesson date.
*If you sign up for trial lesson and need rentals, please request in advance.




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